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Van2017 showed Korman Complex readiness for the Games

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On October 4, Van2017 hosted 250 guests representing businesses and various stakeholders at the Korman Complex, to demonstrate that the venue is ready for athletes who are coming over in December.

“This event is not only meant to witness that venues are ready, but the atmosphere and the excitement that Van2017 will generate will bring thousand of people to purchase tickets to be part of the Games,” said Van2017 CEO Clint Flood.

Mr Flood said the guests were given the opportunity to look at various aspects of the venue and to see how Van2017 will be utilizing it during the Games period.

“They are truly world class facilities – not only will they enable us to host a great Pacific Mini Games but, more importantly, the way they were designed will ensure they are good from a legacy point of view for years to come.

We’ve got multisport facilities such as Korman indoor halls that can take basketball, netball, futsal or volleyball, and that can host concerts later. The outdoor stadium has got 1250 permanent seats and Van2017 is putting another 1500 temporary seats; it has full lighting; the running track has been certified by International Amateur Athletics Federation; in the middle of the stadium you have a first class rugby or football pitch and, during Games time, Van2017 will be supplementing video boards in the field of play, while in Hall 1 and Hall 2, there is video board providing up to date information and scores of the games in the future.”

Van2017 plans to have another sneak preview on October 15 from 2-5pm for the general public, to give them the opportunity to see the brand new Korman Complex.