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Tanna Farms to appear in NZ TV show Country Calendar

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Coconut oil producer Tanna Farms announced it will appear on television screens across New Zealand on October 8.

A film crew from New Zealand’s television series Country Calendar travelled to Vanuatu in July this year to film a documentary feature about Tanna Farms. The filming took place in Port Vila and on Tanna.

Tanna Farms Director, Jono Bushell, said the opportunity that this documentary presents to Tanna Farms and Vanuatu, cannot be underestimated.

“Country Calendar is a program that kiwis love in New Zealand and we are hugely excited for what it could mean for our business, and for that matter, Vanuatu. We hope Coconut oil lovers will rally behind us and support us as much as they can. It will definitely put Vanuatu on the map for New Zealander’s who don’t know about the destination.”

Preparation for the show was extensive with filming first taking place in Blenheim, New Zealand, before the crew and the Bushell family flew out to Vanuatu to complete the film shoot.

“The crew filmed us in Blenheim where we talked about the RSE workers and the association with Vanuatu, before flying out to Port Vila to film our packaging plant. We then headed to Tanna to our operation down there,” said Jono.

“We are very excited about sharing the footage with our Vanuatu family as soon as we can. There will be a number of familiar faces with many Ni-Vanuatu workers featured throughout the shoot.”

Country Calendar is New Zealand’s longest running television series. The half hour show airs on Sundays at 7 pm.