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Locals want Australian owner of resort in Fiji to sell this property and leave

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Landowners on Vatulele island in Fiji want the Australian owner of the island’s only resort, Albert Bertini, to sell up for failing to meet the terms of the lease.

They say Albert Bertini, who acquired and closed the resort in 2012, let it slide into disrepair and left dozens of locals out of work, reports RNZI.

They have also lodged more than a dozen complaints with police for alleged abuse by Mr Bertini.

A spokesperson for the landowners Lepani Kaiwalu said Mr Bertini also brought a large ship and left it to rust on the beach.

“The landowners don’t want him any more and then he doesn’t have a good relationship with the local community. If he stays he will continue to be doing what he has been doing.”

Lepani Kaiwalu said Mr Bertini’s behaviour towards the people of Vatulele had been unacceptable. On Viti Levu, Mr Bertini is facing a court case over an alleged assault in Lami.