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Ambae schools affected by volcano evacuations

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Evacuees on Ambae island remain unsure about the future of their homes, and how long they’ll have to be away from them.

Save the Children Vanuatu Country Director, Georgia Tacey, said people on the island are struggling to get accurate information on the situation because of patchy radio and mobile phone coverage, reports Pacific Beat. There are also concerns that children might be missing out on valuable schooling because of the evacuation.

“People don’t know if this going to last for a week, or this going to last for five months. And I think the major concern is when they can get back home. If the volcano reaches Alert Level 5, they will be looking at evacuating the entire island,” said Georgia Tacey.

“It is concerning, but not surprising that schools are often used as the first point of evacuation in the country. The provincial government and the Ministry of Education has been really advocating for children to return back to schools as soon as possible. Unfortunately it is very difficult when people are living at the school ground.”