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VFF hosts football tournament on Ambae during State of Emergency

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The Government has issued a State of Emergency for Ambae island as over 3000 people have left their homes and have relocated to safer grounds.

Late last week, Ambae’s volcano began to show abnormal activity, and earlier this week the National Disaster Management Office sent out a Level 4 Alert for the whole of Ambae, thus prompting the Government to call out a State of Emergency on Ambae.

During the calamity Vanuatu Football Federation decided to host a national football tournament on that saw clubs from Luganville and other neighbouring islands compete for a winner and runner up to proceed to the next round.

The tournament is being held at Saratamata football field, coincidentally it is where the majority of the evacuees are being relocated to.

With VFF allowing the tournament to go ahead puts the players and match officials lives in danger, and puts into question whether VFF consulted the National Disaster Management Office before hosting the event there.

Again VFF has chosen Saratamata, like Wilkins Stadium where there were no football activities throughout this year till now, worst of all during a State of Emergency.

There are football matches scheduled to be played today, on Tuesady, at Saratamata field.

By Etienne George