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Lakatoro Stadium seen no football activity for entire season

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One of the iconic football stadiums of Vanuatu Football, Wilkins Stadium at Lakatoro on Malekula, saw action in September for the first time this year.

The Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) this month scheduled a Telecom Vanuatu National Super League Pool at the Wilkins Stadium.

Locals took to the social media their anger and frustration as to why VFF had chosen the month of September to host a national event there.

People wanted to ask VFF why to host a national event now when the whole of 2017 no football activities were held at the stadium.

It’s a sad reality when the Malampa Football Association, one of the biggest in the country, has no active league, and thus defeats the purpose of having a football stadium there.

Malekula, one of the biggest islands in Vanuatu with one of the largest population overall, saw VFF not making use of the huge population base to promote football, as the Lakotoro League is one of the most popular Leagues in Malampa, and they have produced national reps for Vanuatu in the past.

The question also raised here is that where are all the VFF grant money going as no football activity is taking place inside the stadium for an entire season and now with the new season again.

Another question raised is that since the VFF President, Lambert Maltock, is the current president of Malampa Football Association, what has he got to say about this.

By Etienne George