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Government: funding wasn’t deciding factor in selecting delegation for COP23 climate talks

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The Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation in Vanuatu wishes to raise its concern towards the inaccurate information posted by Vila Times in the article “Vanuatu has no money to send proper delegation to COP23 climate talks in Germany.”

“The Government of Vanuatu has a UNFCCC Taskforce that facilitates all the arrangements for its COP delegates. A comprehensive selection process was developed and is currently being used to select Vanuatu delegates. While delegate-funding may be one of our constraints, it was not a deciding factor in determining the composition of our National Delegation. Therefore the information reported is inaccurate and undermines the work of the Taskforce,” says the Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation in its statement.

“We would like to further clarify that Mr.Glen Craig is not a “Ministry Advisor”, and Dr Christopher Bartlett does not currently work for the National Disaster Management Office; a Government Department within the Vanuatu Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation.”

In the initial article Vila Times reported that the private sector delegation from Vanuatu, that will represent the country at COP23 in Germany next month, is going to be a lot smaller than anticipated “reportedly because there is no funding available”.