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Australia and New Zealand gifted Vanuatu five tractors to boost agriculture

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On 22 September five tractors equipped for ploughing, clearing land and digging trenches were gifted to Vanuatu by the Australian High Commissioner, Jenny Da Rin, and New Zealand Chargé d’affaires, Jeong Park, and handed over to the Minister of Agriculture, Matai Seremaiah, at Independence Park.

Agriculture Minister, Matai Seremaiah, welcomed the tractors funded by the Australian
and the New Zealand Governments.

Destined for Erromango, Epi, Efate, Maewo and Tanna, the tractors will boost Vanuatu’s agriculture sector. The heavy machinery will improve land management practices, increase production and strengthen Vanuatu’s reputation as a producer of high quality agricultural products. The handing over of the tractors coincided with the arrival in Port Vila of 20 tonnes of potatoes from Tanna, which were planted with Australia assistance in April this year.

“Our strong cooperation to support’s Vanuatu productive sector will benefit rural areas and the economy, and make Vanuatu more food secure. Australia’s support is helping Vanuatu reach its full potential,” said Australian High Commissioner, Jenny Da Rin.

Australia has been supporting Vanuatu‘s agriculture sector with the restocking of livestock, the development of a biosecurity emergency response policy, the restoration of food crops and the installation of solar freezers and fishing aggregate devices.

Australia has also supported Vanuatu to increase productivity and exports through the Pacific Horticulture & Agricultural Market Access Program (PHARMA) and the distinguished Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).