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Number of Vanuatu cruise ship visitors fell by 29% in June

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International visitor arrivals by air in June 2017 stood at 9,500 or 46% of all international visitor arrivals to Vanuatu, showing an increase of 4% over June 2016 and 32% over the previous month.

The increase was reflected in rise of visitor arrivals for holiday, reports the Vanuatu National Statistics Office.

Cruise ship visitors totalled 11,149 or 54% of all visitor arrivals to Vanuatu, showing a decrease of 29% over June 2016 while it increased by 5% over the previous month.

Holiday visitors accounted for 77% of all visitor arrivals by air; followed by visitor arrivals to visit friends and relatives at 8% each; other purposes at 6% while visitors who arrived for transit at 1%.

Australian visitors continue to account for the highest number of visitors by air at 54%; followed by New Caledonians at 14%; New Zealanders at 13%; European and other pacific countries visitors at 5% each; Chinese and North American visitors at 3% each; other countries at 2% and Japanese visitors at 1%.

International visitors by air spent an average of 12 days in June 2017. The average age of visitors arriving by air in June 2017 is 39 years.

From all visitors travelling to outer islands Tanna is the most visited island with 35% of visitors; followed by Santo Island at 29%.

According to another report, Vanuatu’s share of the tourism market in Pacific in the second quarter of 2017 has been only 4.6%, lower than Palau, Timor Leste and New Caledonia. Fiji still the leader in Pacific with 40.6% share.