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National Federations budgets to be released next week: Nalau

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A tug of war between the National Federations and the Department of Youth and Sports saw no compromise, only the date set for a meeting.

Last month there was a press release from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, saying the Government allocating VT1 mln to VT1.5 mln to National Federations that will compete in the Pacific Mini Games.

Ever since that press release came out last month, Acting Director General of Youth and Sports, Paul Nalau has confirmed that since nearly all the National Federations are back from China, except 3 who are yet to arrive, the Department of Youth and Sports has already handed 4 National Federations their training budgets and the rest of the other Federations should get their budget released by Wednesday next week (27 September 2017).

The Acting Director made his comment after he was bombarded with emails from several federations, Netball and Athletics in particular, asking why their budgets has not yet been released, and demanded an immediate answer from the Government.

A meeting is set by the Department of Youth and Sports next week on September 26th at 2pm.