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Report: New PMO building left without electricity due to VT 6 mln debt

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According to information from reliable anonymous source, the new building of the Office of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, construction of which has been funded by China and handed over to the Government on September 1st 2017, still hasn’t been occupied by the government officers due to outstanding debt to Unelco ENGIE for the electricity.

The amount to be paid by the Government to Unelco ENGIE for the electricity services allegedly is around 6 million vatu, our source reports. Currently the new Prime Minister’s Office building has been disconnected from the electricity, and Unelco ENGIE asked the Government to settle the bill to get the electricity back.

Unelco ENGIE’s representatives refused to confirm or deny this information.

Vila Times’ request for commentary from the PM’s Office has been left unanswered.