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Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan Festival to host Fest Tamariki

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Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan Festival committee announced its newest and youngest festival partner, in addition to a pool of all others including Fest Napuan, Reggae Fire, Van Rebel, and Lapita Festival. Kivhan welcomes Fest Tamariki (inter schools music festival) into its 2017 program.

The meeting was held by the organizers of Kivhan Festival inviting the chairman of Fest Tamariki Mr Frank Kalsa to discuss and agree to the beginning of a partnership between both festivals including talks about the program on Friday 22 September.

This year Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan Festival will be staged on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September at the Saralana park.

Fest Tamariki will kick start the 2 day charity music festival on Friday from 8am to 4pm, an hour break, followed by Kivhan’s portion of entertainment which will continue on the following day Saturday 23rd September, ending at 11pm.

During the meeting Mr Kalsa remarked “We want to thank Wan Voes Kivhan organizers, the musicians, and all Kivhan sponsors and partners, to be able to host us this year. Thank you for seeing the value in our children and Fest Tamariki’s overall vision to not only build and promote our children’s musical abilities but in time Tamariki will be able to raise funds to set up music rooms in schools”.

In response to Tamariki, Kivhan Festival Chairlady Mrs Alcina Charley adds “We look forward to the beginning of a good partnership so we teach our children that music can be a direct contributor to helping the lives of communities in need. This way, they are educated that music can go far beyond just performing on stage. It can build community halls, provide for basic human rights now water, and continue to improve lives.”

Confirmed so far are 10 schools including a French primary school from Mangaliliu and Eratap village for Friday’s Fest Tamariki program.

Kivhan Festival has confirmed 23 bands playing contemporary, reggae, gospel, acoustics, stringband and custom dance groups. Highlights include Metoxide & Dub Riddim box, Tujah & the Groove, Naio, Brada Cloud, Black Ghetto, Bonita, Konseners, Genesis, Small Nambanga, Marcel Melto, and many more all performing to raise funds for the musicians 2nd Kivhan west Tanna water project which is to send 2 water tanks 10,000L & 6000L, sponsored by Rotomould Vanuatu, to the villages of Ialwalu, Immassios, and Kraiteniken of west Tanna.