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PM Salwai: visa free entry to Australia and New Zealand on the table

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On Thursday, September 7, Vanuatu finally has signed the PACER Plus trade deal. According to the Prime Minister of Vanuatu Charlot Salwai, PACER Plus would work only if Vanuatu invests in the right infrastructure and focuses on sustainable industry development.

Vanuatu PM mentioned that the Government of Vanuatu hopes Australia will take Vanuatu’s interest in selling kava into account, now when PACER Plus is signed.

“We call on Australia to revoke the unfair prohibition on commercial export of kava to Australia.”

Charlot Salwai has also said the subject of visa free access in Australia and New Zealand for the holders of Vanuatu passports to be on the table for discussions in coming months, and offered Australia and New Zealand to increase their development assistance programmes in Pacific region.