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Vanuatu government launched scholarships website and online applications

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The Government of Vanuatu through the Ministry of Education & Training announced it launches its first ever scholarships website and online application process.

This process is the first phase of a comprehensive Scholarship Management Information System (SMIS) which is being developed by CNS to assist in the effective selection and management of all awardees, and facilitate a more coordinated approach to the integration of graduates within the workforce.

The bilingual website and online application process is a milestone development to help ensure that the Vanuatu Government Scholarships are transparent, accountable and responsive. This system will assist the TSCU and National Scholarships and Training Board to more effectively assess and select scholarship recipients in order to meet the national workforce priority needs of Vanuatu. During the launch of the website and online application process, Minister Jean Pierre Nirua thanked the Office of the OCGIO who through its financial support enabled this project to be implemented. He also thanked CNS and hardworking Senior Managers, Director and the Director General of Education & Training for their assistance enabling the first phase of this development to be implemented in a timely manner.

“The System will enable online applications of scholarships which will relieve stress and long hours of frustration to serve and facilitate the task in this important Unit within the MoET,” stated Minister Nirua.

Online application forms are available on Online applications will be open from 4th September 2017 to the 4th of October 2017.