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It’s official: Bong Kalo signed by Swiss FC Ascona

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Contrary to last week reports on Bong Kalo’s transfer to Swiss FC Lugano, recently it was officially confirmed that Vanuatu u20 captain was signed by another team from Switzerland – FC Ascona.

The transfer was confirmed by FC Ascona representatives as well as coach Moise Poida‎, who was accompanying Bong Kalo in his trip to Europe. According to the reputable web-site, Kalo signed the contract until June 30, 2018. And his current market value is estimated to be just 50,000 euro (around VT 6.372 mln).

FC Ascona plays in Swiss 2. Liga Interregional, which is only the fifth tier of the Swiss football league system. From 2000 to 2012, it was the country’s fourth level. The division is split into 6 groups of 14 teams, by geographical region.

Generally FC Ascona is much less noticeable and ambitions team then even FC Lugano, which Kalo was reportedly supposed to join. After first 3 matches in Group 4 of Swiss 2. Liga Interregional FC Ascona currently occupies the last 14th spot with three losses and zero points. It is worth mentioning that FC Lugano U-21 team plays in the same group with FC Ascona, and after three matches has one point. Both FC Ascona and FC Lugano U-21 are at risk of going to even lower Swiss division.