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China handed over PMO building to Vanuatu government

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The ambassador of China Liu Quan officially handed over the new building of the office of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu on Wednesday, 30th August, to the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai.

“I join the Master of Ceremonies to welcome you all to the PMO Complex this afternoon. Thank you for accepting our invitation to be part of this historic occasion and to witness the official handing over of this magnificent complex,” said PM Salwai.

The old building that used to house the Public Service Commission, State Law Office, Language Services Department and Government Remuneration Tribunal was built by the French Government during pre-independence days and was used by the French Administration until 1980.

This new building complex consists of 15 large offices, 7 ordinary meeting rooms, a multi-functional meeting room, a ministerial conference room, a multi-functional hall and a VIP reception room. The project cost around VT 669.6 mln and additional Vanuatu government contribution of more than 30 million VT.

Out of the ten departments including cabinet under the Office of the Prime Minister, eight will be housed in the new building and two (2) in the old U shaped building.

“I am glad to announce that the once scattered departments under my portfolio will now all be housed in one compound. I will have easy access to my Directors plus their staff. This will save time and reduce cost currently being incurred through rental of properties around Town,” added PM Salwai.