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PM Salwai: Vanuatu has enough lawyers and needs more engineers

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Prime Minister Charlot Salwai told pro-chancellor and vice chancellor of University of South Pacific based in Suva, Fiji, that he wants to see more studies for Ni-Vanuatu students on their soil. Mr Salwai said at the moment local students can only get law studies at Emalus Campus, but Vanuatu has already a good number of lawyers.

He said that he wants to see if USP can provide studies in engineering and other sectors to satisfy the current priority needs of the country. Currently Vanuatu is developing its infrastructure such as wharf, roads and airports but there is a lack of local engineers. “We have only 7 engineers at the moment,” he noted.

According to PM Salwai, country needs more technical students to come back and contribute to development of their country. Mr Salwai told USP chancellors that Vanuatu has committed and will continue its financial support to this regional organization, but wants more studies at Amalus Campus and not only the law studies.

Mr Salwai said government is putting over 600 million vatu per year for its students to study in Fiji, New Caledonia and other regional countries, but the rate of failure is high. Prime Minister Salwai said that is one the main reasons why he wants ni-Vanuatu to study at Emalus Campus. s