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Mobile Panel Doctor Pilot launched on Santo

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Last week New Zealand Deputy High Commissioner Jeong Park accompanied representatives from New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment’s Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE) Team to Santo, to attend the launch of the Mobile Panel Doctor Pilot and Computer Radiography Services at the Northern Provincial Hospital.

Representing the Government was Minister of Health Jerome Ludvaune, with the province represented by Secretary-General Zechariah Daniel and the Municipality by Lord Mayor Onen Gavika.

The Mobile Doctor Panel Pilot is part of the technical assistance the New Zealand Government provides to build Vanuatu’s capacity to operate the health component of the RSE programme in Vanuatu.

The X-ray digitising equipment kindly donated by the New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry and Fruit Growers Charitable Trust combined with team from the Northern Provincial Hospital and the Mobile Panel Doctors Team, will mean that RSE workers will be able to obtain their medical clearance in Santo as well as Port Vila. Future pilot schemes are being developed for other islands as well.