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PM’s office: official residence problem is a legacy of previous administration

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The Office of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu recently came up with official comments in regards to the statement of the Opposition published yesterday, addressing the inappropriate use of the official residence of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu in Port Vila.

According to the PM’s office, these allegations from the opposition in relation to the current Prime Minister Charlot Salwai are not fair, as this house had been damaged already during past years, with the case of the missing property has been reported to the police.

“The problem of this property did not occur during the current government. You must understand that when the current government came to power last year this problem already existed for many years,” told us Hilaire Bule, Public Relations Officer of the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The office of PM appointed two people to constantly stay there. And the allegations that the official residence is misused – with parties and alcohol, are not true.

“And reports of this kind of activities at this property is not a new thing in any way. This house had been left unattended, there were no people living or staying in the house during previous governments. We have put two people inside the house to protect and guard it from outsiders.” Mr Bule said.

“It is not the problem of the current government, and it is not fair to accuse Prime Minister in inappropriate use of this property. The residence had been left in a bad state by the previous administration. After that we have cleaned it up, we put security there.

Hilaire Bule also added that when the current government staffs went to the official residence first time, the windows were broken, the furniture and other pieces of property were already damaged. The police has been reported on that issue already last year, and they started investigation.

“The office of the prime minister didn’t receive any report over the allegations made against his staffs who are residing at PM residential area at John Court but want to assure the office of the opposition to investigate the matter,” – PM’s office statement says.