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Opposition: no police confirmation of PM’s residence break-in report

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The Vanuatu Opposition today, August 24, provided additional comments in regards to the Government’s response to opposition’s initial statement on inappropriate use of the official residence of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu in Port Vila.

According to the Opposition, the Prime Minister’s Office ‘must be held responsible’ for this damaged property, and denying the responsibility is ‘utter foolishness and stupidity.’

“Should the PMO deny that the official PM premises has not been ransacked and used for any other purposes other than what it was intended for, as the residence of the Prime Minister, the Opposition will gladly produce witnesses who will confirm the above,” said John Shing, Private Secretary of the Leader of the Opposition.

The Opposition also stated, that PMO’s information that the police was reported on the official residence break-in was not confirmed by the police.

“Opposition has received no advice from the Police that such a legal case has been launched.”

“Instead of receiving a reply from the PMO how they intend to rectify the problem and find solutions to deal with the situation, they have opted instead to refute allegations, deny responsibility and have resorted to defense tactics and outright lying,” says the opposition.

As we reported yesterday, in its new statement Opposition said PM’s official residence has been frequently used by Prime Minister’s associates and political fellows as a place for parties and weekend getaways, which resulted in damaging or taking away furniture and other pieces of property inside the residence.

According to the PM’s office, these allegations from the opposition are not fair, as this house had been damaged already during past years, with the case of the missing property has been reported to the police.

“It is not the problem of the current government, and it is not fair to accuse Prime Minister in inappropriate use of this property. The residence had been left in a bad state by the previous administration,” the PMO stated.