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Prime Minister’s official residence used for parties with girls and alcohol

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Opposition to address inappropriate use of Prime Minister’s residence in Port Vila.


The Vanuatu Opposition in its new open statement intents to address the inappropriate use of the official residence of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu in Port Vila.

According to the opposition, current Prime Minister Charlot Salwai is now living in his own house, and not using the official residence, which is a governmental property, for himself.

Instead the residence has been frequently used by his associates and political fellows as a place for parties and weekend getaways. They are damaging or taking away furniture and other pieces of property inside the residence.

“They are coming there and use this place to have parties, bringing girls and alcohol, removing all the furniture, taking it to the islands. They are just destroying that place. And the official residence of the Prime Minister is a government asset, it belongs to the government of Vanuatu, that’s people’s money,” told us the source in the Office of the Opposition.

“It is understood that complaints have been sent to the Prime Minister concerning this issue, but it seems that he is turning a blind eye and has taken no action,” statement of the Opposition says.

“The Office of the Opposition is demanding the immediate removal of all unauthorised persons from this official residence and the PMO Director General and Office Managers responsible for the up keep of this premises to produce an official listing of all furniture and fixings which have been dismantled, ransacked and/or vandalized and the people concerned held accountable. This is a criminal offense and people concerned must be held responsible.”