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Vanuatu hosts Basic Umpire Course

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ITTF-Oceania Technical Director Graeme Ireland is at VASANOC Haus conducting a Technical Workshop for Umpires. (Photo: Courtesy of VASANOC)

ITTF-Oceania Technical Director Graeme Ireland was recently in Port Vila, Vanuatu. His main purpose for the visit was as Technical Delegate for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games in December, to observe the preparations for the table tennis event at the Games.

During this time, Graeme Ireland took the opportunity to run a Basic Umpire Course. Vanuatu currently has no trained umpires, but requires a number to officiate at the Pacific Mini Games.

The course had 12 participants, the majority of the participants were from Port Vila. However there were three people who made their way from the outer islands. Some of those in attendance were teachers who will use the knowledge gained at the course to assist with the table tennis program in their schools.

On top of the 12 participants, there were three observers for the course – the VASANOC SDO James Malau, the table tennis development officer, Anolyn Lulu, and the Sports Manager for the Games, Jackson Ben.

By holding the Pacific Mini Games, it is hoped that a legacy can be left for the future, as Vanuatu will be in a position to host Oceania events using the new infrastructure being put in place for the event, including the newly trained umpires.