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Researcher: social media is to blame on rising domestic violence in Vanuatu

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A string of recent deaths in Port Vila has a young Ni-Vanuatu researcher questioning whether social media is helping or hindering efforts to reduce domestic violence.

The problem of violence in Vanuatu has been a major talking point after two people died in connection to events at the War Horse saloon in the capital.

Brian Tete is a Ni-Vanuatu student currently doing a thesis on this topic at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey, Pacific Beat reports.

He says while social media can have a positive role in raising awareness, it can also make people in the community targets for abuse.

“As a young person, I was not really happy about all this violence, all these killings happening. We want to see more action regarding this issue. We want people to stop killing and stop fighting. This research mainly will be based in Port Vila, but I will also get some data from the Statistics office in Vanuatu,” Brian Tete said.

“People in Vanuatu, wherever you go, young people mainly, they are all in social media. They have Facebook, they have Twitter, they have Instagram. They put there many things that should not be on social media. I think this is one on the main reasons why violence is on the rise at the moment.

“You have to think very carefully before you put something on social media, that may cause anger among some people. That’s why we have to handle social media with care.”