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PNG, Fiji and others satisfied with preparations for Van2017

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The two-day Chefs De Mission meeting in Port Vila on 18-19 August regarding the Pacific Mini Games was very beneficial and informative, according to the Chefs de Mission (CDM) of Teams PNG and Fiji.

Asked about their thoughts on the meeting and site visits to the Games Venues and Villages, CDM Fiji Wayne O’Connor said it was most beneficial to have face to face updates done by Van2017 presenters.

“Each one of them spoke with great confidence and certainty about the Games being on,” he said.

“It is wonderful to see the banners all about Igniting the Spirit, because it is exactly what is all about – igniting the spirit within from each person who will be participating, but also to encourage Team Leaders who will bring their teams over to Vanuatu.

“We were able to visit the Games villages and that is good too, so we could see and have an idea in mind as to where we will be positioned, and we will be able to share back home to our teams where they are going to stay, travel, logistics, as well as the layout of different venues.”

Mr O’Connor said they also visited Korman sporting complex and it was interesting to see that most of the Games will be held at one big venue.

“It’s a wonderful accommodation for the athletes so that they won’t have to travel too far or too much. So really it was an eye opener and very pleasant.

“After being here, hosted by the Organizing committee, the Chefs de Mission will be able to go back and to continue the preparations for the next few months, to ensure we come back and take home all the medals and not to leave any here in Vanuatu!

“We were told that Vanuatu will keep all the medals, and we will go home with empty bags, but I am sorry, Team Fiji is going to challenge Team Vanuatu to be able to go back home with all the medals because that’s what we aim to do. We are not coming here to play sport, we are coming here to take medals home, so Team Vanuatu you better get ready, because that is the challenge from Fiji.”

For PNG, CDM Emma Waiwai said: “I am impressed. I have been listening to the Presenters, they sound very confident and that already shows us that Vanuatu is prepared for the Games.

“I would say the fields of play were good and I am sure that the Korman stadium will be beneficial for the sport development for Vanuatu young generations in the future.

“Also I would like to add that you see we have many women too in the group of Chefs de Mission, so it means that women are good managers at home as well in different level of life including sport, so keep it up! But overall, Van2017 is doing a great job in preparations to the Games.”

According to CEO of Van2017, Clint Flood, the Chefs’ meeting is a critical milestone in the planning of the Games, as there are just over 100 days now to go before the Villages open on November 29 for the athletes, and before the Opening Ceremonies on December 4. He said it is very important for Vanuatu to provide the teams with the information they want on catering, villages, transport, medical, security, venues, sports and more.