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China-funded Luganville Main Wharf handed over to Vanuatu Government

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New Luganville main wharf was officially opened on Saturday, 19th of August. Prime Minister Charlot Salwai was the main guest speaker at the official ceremony.

This project for the Rehabilitation and Extension of Luganville Main Wharf was started on 28th July 2015, was funded through a Concessional Loan from the Chinese Government and was built by the Shanghai Construction Group.

The wharf is designed with a 360-meter-long wharf apron, the new wharf will be able to berth a 30,000 dead-weight tonnage cargo ship or a 100,000 Gross Tonnage cruise ship. This project also includes a tourism terminal, 3 warehouses, roads, container yards and other supporting facilities.

The new wharf is claimed to be capable to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and cyclones.

“I am pleased to see that this project has provided job opportunities to over 50 ni-Vanuatu, and this is a great blessing for this country. We have seen jobs created, lives changed, skills multiplied, and this is a policy direction that this government will continue to pursue into the future,” PM Salwai noted in his speech.

“The bulk of the main agriculture production, such as Copra, Cattle, Kava, Sandalwood and Cocoa comes from Santo, Aore, Malo and neighbouring islands. There is potential for expansion in the productive sector now that the wharf extension is completed, stimulating economic activities and contributing to the Country’s Economic Growth.

“Tourism is one of the major drivers of economic growth and socio economic development in the world, particularly, in Small Island Developing States such as Vanuatu. Tourism has been one of the best performing economic activities during the period of the global economic crisis from 2008 to 2010,” Prime Minister added.