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Tupaia Project mapping 160 health clinics across Vanuatu

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The Tupaia Project recently announced it begun mapping more than 160 health clinics across Vanuatu together with Vanuatu Ministry of Health.

The Kalmer Takau Dispensary blong Erakor Village was first clinic to be mapped by Tupaia health mappers.

“Our mapping teams, led by local pharmacists, are moving around countries in the region, collecting baseline data from clinics, health centres and hospitals on all the information that we need to know – does a clinic have electricity? When was the last time the staff received clinical training? Has the building been damaged in a recent disaster? At the same time, we have released a mobile version of the stock management software (mSupply) that each of these countries use, so that clinics can track and order stock from the warehouse using a tablet computer,” – Tupaia Project management explain.

All the information gathered by the Project members will then be made available at

Tupaia presents customised information to different user groups, so that everyone has the tools they need, when they need them. The public can see basic information about each facility, while the Director of Pharmacy gets access to detailed information about the availability of medicines, equipment and the services that each facility provides.

Companies standing behind the Tupaia Project are Sustainable Solutions from New Zealand, developer of mSupply software, and Beyond Essential Systems, Australian company specialising in innovative technologies for improving medical supply chains and geospatial epidemiology in low resource settings.