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Vanuatu population stats – infographics

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Vanuatu National Statistics Office recently released infographics based on data in newly-published 2016 Post-TC Pam Mini-Census Report with detailed information on household and population count in Vanuatu.
As we reported earlier, the new Mini-Census Report says that Vanuatu has a total population of 272,459, an increase of 38,436 compared to the previous population data, published in 2009, says the report, with the majority of 204,710 living in rural areas, and the rest 67,749 in urban.
Report also shows, that Vanuatu’s population is very young – 104,561 individuals belong to the youngest age group – below 15 years old. Youth population (15-29 years) is 70,042, population aged 30-59 is 75,418, while older population is just 16,534.
“This report is historical in many ways. It is the first time the VNSO has ever conducted a Mini Census, using ICT devices to collect information and submit over the internet, with operation being fully funded by the Vanuatu government,” stated Gaetan Pikioune, Minister of Finance and Economic Management of Vanuatu.

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