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An attempted suicide in Luganville

An attempted suicide in Luganville
An attempted suicide in Luganville
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A young man from Central Pentecost is recovering very slowly at Vila Central Hospital (VCH) following an emergency organised two weeks ago by Northern Provincial Hospital at Luganville after he was trying to kill himself.
Reports said the young man had a dispute at home with his father at Solway on Thursday 12 December when his father punched him. He then become angry and uncontrollable. Witnesses said he picked up a knife and stab himself on his chest.
He was urgently transported to Northern Provincial Hospital and due to the seriousness of the injury, an emergency has been organised the next day for him to be evacuated to VCH.
Reports from Surgical Ward at VCH said his condition is stable and he will be out of hospital soon.
It is alleged that he was under the influence of marijuana when he tried to commit suicide. CAPTION: The road at Solway Station leading to the home where the attempted suicide was committed.

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