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State’s assets in bad condition

State’s assets in bad condition
State’s assets in bad condition
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When the leaders who have power to decide how to run a Government and the affairs of Vanuatu are concentrating their efforts on education, health and other sectors, there is another important part of their duties on which they seem to turn a blind eye: State’s assets.
Many of these assets have been handed over to the newly established Government of the Republic of Vanuatu by the French and British Administrations in 1980. Most of the buildings which are part of these assets accommodate many Government’s ministries: Prime Minister’s Office (old one), the Constitutional Building (used to be for the Ministry of Finance), the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Lands, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Youths and Sports, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Trade. The five other Ministries are located in buildings being constructed after 1980 but in the State land being occupied by the two colonial powers and left by them to the newly Republic of Vanuatu.
There are also other State’s assets in Port Vila which don’t seem to attract the Government’s attention and interest as they need repair works. Some State’s houses are occupied by civil servants. Many houses are left in a very poor condition and as they are not occupied, they become the place chosen by some people to enjoy themselves. Many houses and lands belonging to the State have already been sold by the Government.

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